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Photo Gallery


memorial_rock_002.JPGThe memorial garden received an upgrade compliments of "Moore Green Inc." owner, John Moore, who donated the plant material and his labor. 

Mur-Cor.JPGGet your wheelbarrows ready cuz here comes the mulch ....


Pick-up and delivery of the 40 cubic yards of mulch that had been donated by Chris Sorge of "Premium Mulch & Materials" in Coram was graciously provided by Mur-Cor owner/operator Mike Murphy of Southold.

Pat.JPGPat from "Roadwork" was at the helm to install the memorial stone, remove several stumps and expose the Blue Barn's footings

Roadwork_logo_2.JPGMany thanks to Roadwork's owners Stephen and Kim Grimes for donating the memorial stone, use of their equipment and Pat's services.

South_Shore_Tree_006.jpgJeff Bradley, owner of South Shore Tree, whittles a diseased 80 ft Honey Locust down to size.


South_Shore_Tree_007.jpgJeff in his bucket git'n r done.


"... having a BLUE... BLUE...BLUE,BLUE,BLUE Christmas"014.jpg

Blue Barn cleanup #3 (12/04/2011)IMG_0035.jpg

The Raffle Queen hunts down another victim at the Fair.


 A sign of things to come.


Lane and Liza vaccum up .

A Job Well Done

Mucho basura! Talkin' trash behind the schoolhouse.

2011 East End Cleanup

Future Town Councilman in training ...