Joseph Goodale

Although barely recognizable today the center section of this house, located at 2043 Flanders Rd., was very likely the home of Josiah Goodale's son Joseph which had been left to him in his father's will dated January 15, 1786. Joseph was listed in the "1st Co.of Minutemen of Southampton" of August 10, 1776 and it is likely that he built his home here after his marriage to Mary Mapes of Southold in 1775. Joseph's daughter Elizabeth and her husband David Brown Sr. built their home on the north side of Flanders Road. opposite her father. During the War of 1812 David Sr. and his wife's brother, Joseph Goodale Jr., (who were both cousins of Josiah Jr. mentioned earlier) also served in the defense of Sag Harbor but under the command of Capt. John R. Satterly. David and Elizabeth's son, Capt. David Brown Jr., a mariner, would eventually make his grandfather's property his home along with his wife Martha (Webb) and their sons George and Cornelius.

Photo Credit: G.Cobb photo