Zachariah Benjamin

Benjamins and the landing 002
James' son Zachariah is most likely to have been the Benjamin family member responsible for building this house (38 Pleasure Drive) at the turn of the 19th century and his son Capt. Zachariah also lived here. Zachariah's brother Alanson was the owner/proprietor of, the "Benjamin Villa", a hotel/boardinghouse that stood on the hillside near the location of today's firehouse.       
Although it has undergone many renovations over the years Zachariah's wide plank pine flooring has survived (on the first and second floors and in the attic) along with many other details of the period including the fireplace surround and various doors and hardware. The parking area 's retaining wall utilizes "ballast stone" (a common feature in many area houses) that was salvaged from the original foundation when it was upgraded. The house today provides an excellent example of a thoughtful renovation of a historically significant structure. 
Photo Credits: G.Cobb